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Chief's Page

Thank you for taking the time to visit www.wcfd12.com. This site is not only intended for current fire fighters, but for prospective fire fighters, retired fire fighters, and partons as well.

I'd like to thank our patrons for helping WCFD12 become what it is today. Through your help, this district has three fire stations, eight apparatus, and 37 volunteer firefighters. We truly appreciate your contributions and support. I'd also like to thank the public for helping to keep our firefighters safe while we keep you safe.

I am Chief. I've been chief since 1997, when I took over for Roy Brown, the chief before me. Since that time, the department has seen quite a few changes and enhancements. We have improved this and that (fill in). In the future, we would like to see this and that (fill in).

Again, thanks for your support.
Da Chief