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About Us

We Are The Volunteers. That means we spend our nights, our weekends, and sometimes our working hours fighting fires or responding to EMS calls, not because we have to or receive a steady pay check from it - we do it because we care about our patrons and our community. We take pride in serving our community. Our members go through training at least twice a month so that we can effectively serve our community. Our equipment is periodically inspected and tested for performance and functionality. Our captains regularly attend conferences and classes so they are kept up-to-date with the latest techniques and standards. Our EMS personnel attend continuing education classes once a month. All this so that our patrons can receive the best support that we have to offer.

Serving At Large. In addition to serving our community, Whitman County Fire District 12 has served state and national emergencies in the past, and will hopefully continue to serve in the future. Past state emergencies include incidents as local as the Colfax canyon fire in 2006 to the Spokane Valley fire in 2008. Whitman County Fire District 12 volunteers have helped fight fire in Wenatchee and have traveled as far as San Diego for a federal emergency to help fight fire in 2007. Our volunteers would like to thank the businesses that have given their firefighting employees a chance to help in these activities. We sincerely appreciate the opportunities to help fight fire for the greater good of our community at large.

Become a Volunteer. Have we caught your interest yet? Are you interested in becoming a volunteer for Whitman County Fire District 12? If you are, then please use the link below to fill out an application.